• Aisle 1
    Sauces for cooking, fish sauce, soy sauce, flavored sauces, hot sauces, etc.
  • Aisle 2
    Can fruits, cocktail fruits, coconut cream/milk, vinegar, cooking wine, fermented fish adn shrimp sauce, soybean sauce, fermented bean curd, ham, pate, canned fish, etc.
  • Aisle 3
    Canned Vegetables, Soup base, dried spices, dried chili, dried onion/garlic, pepper, salt, sugar, oils, etc.
  • Aisle 4
    Shrimp crackers, all kinds of dry noodles for Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines
  • Aisle 5
    Rice paper wraps, rice macaroni, and more dry noodles for other ethnics cuisines
  • Aisle 6
    Frozen prepared food items
  • Aisle 7
    Instant noodles, curries, soup bases, spices and seasoning, etc.
  • Aisle 8
    More instant noodles, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vegetarian, Vietnamese, etc.
  • Aisle 9
    Small Rice bags 10 pounds or less, dried seaweed, dried products to make sushi, dried mushrooms, dried vegetables, products to make Asian desserts, dried fruits, nuts, flour, etc.
  • Aisle 10
    Household items, incense, ceramics, pots, pans, mortar and pestle, dish detergent, etc.
  • Aisle 11
    Cookies/crackers, candies, seaweed snacks, cakes, mochi, chips
  • Aisle 12
    Teas, Coffee, jelly snacks, etc.
  • Aisle 13
    More household items, brooms, baskets, pots and pans, bulk cases of drinks and varieties of beer, etc.
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