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  • Decent place that carries mostly food items and contrary to Fubonn Market a couple of miles down 82nd, they don't have anything else. But an extensive selection of fresh Asian food is found here. Growing up, it used to be a Safeway that had never been updated. Sort of one of those places that was never updated and you knew would eventually close one day. Well when that happened, Hong Phat stepped in and has provided a pretty good market.

    - Chad P.(Milwaukie, OR)

  • This is a great Asian supermarket to go to. It's primarily Vietnamese and in the heart of the jade district. I mainly go here for produce which they have large quantities of and is fresh and reasonable pricing. Today they were sampling fresh lychees and had a whole pallet full as a special.

    I also like the prepared food section. A fresh banh mi dac biet is $3.45 and they will toast it if you ask! Sometimes there's a ton of options to purchase but today at 6:30 it was slim pickings with the prepared foods. Still pretty tasty options.

    - Jeanie N.(Portland, OR)

  • I was surprised to see that this market sold one of those metal bowls that people put in their bedroom to pee at night that you'd see in Asia as well as a wooden little bench that you sit on with a sharp edge so you can carve out coconut meat. I have never seen these items in the Asian market in California before so this place does have something over other Asian markets. This Asian market smells less than other ones because they package all their fish and don't leave it out for display. That could be a pro for some and a con for others. I personally don't care because I don't often buy fish. The front of this market has a separate little area (a cafe I guess) where you can buy pearl teas, sandwiches or smoothies.

    - Brenda L.(Denver, CO)

  • Came here to get some ingredients for Pho. They have an excellent selection and their prices are great. But I would NOT buy meat from here. I got a bag of beef bones in their freezer and when I brought it home and opened it the smell alone made me feel ill. Beef should not have a fishy/bleach smell. It was really bad, guys. I had to throw it all out. So my review: come for everything else BUT not for the meat products.

    - Sarah J.(Portland, OR)

  • The ready-made food section looks like it would be good, but it's average and expensive. Vietnam has a rich coffee tradition, but the variety here is sparse; Fubon has a more extensive selection.

    Another Yelper was right about dated items, two bottles of different sauces purchased in late December '15 had January '16 expiration dates.

    Good luck getting help from staff if you need it. Lastly, there's something odd and sucky about their parking lot.

    - Andrew A.(Portland, OR)

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