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  • This is a great Asian supermarket to go to. It's primarily Vietnamese and in the heart of the jade district. I mainly go here for produce which they have large quantities of and is fresh and reasonable pricing. Today they were sampling fresh lychees and had a whole pallet full as a special.

    I also like the prepared food section. A fresh banh mi dac biet is $3.45 and they will toast it if you ask! Sometimes there's a ton of options to purchase but today at 6:30 it was slim pickings with the prepared foods. Still pretty tasty options.

    - Yen N.(Portland, OR)

  • Now as some of you readers of my reviews know I am new to the Portland area. But that doesn't mean I can't write some good reviews. I like to explore a new area and get to know my surroundings. I pass Hong Phat on my way to work. I wanted to see what was going on in there.

    If you look back at my reviews you will see that I have an affinity for ethnic grocery stores. Asian and Mexican grocery stores are so much fun to get lost in. The prices are usually cheaper and you can find incredible spices, bbq sauces and rubs that you won't find in the big chains.

    I wandered for over a half hour lugging around my motorcycle helmet. Some really interesting produce, an awful lot of kimchi, lots of french baguettes for bahn mis, of course an abundance of rice and rice noodles and all sorts of odd and interesting things. Pickled baby eggplants, gooseberries and many things I could not pronounce. Granted many of those things I most likely will not be getting but there are still many items I will look forward to trying.

    If you are a foodie like me, and most Yelper are, wander around stores like this. It's so cool to explore.


    - Andrew H.(Portland, OR)

  • It was our first time here in Hong Phat. My husband said it was an old safeway before so walked around and reminisce his childhood, lol! Actually we walked around to check out Hong Phat's products. I say it's like a smaller version of Fubonn, but with a little cheaper prices. All their meats and seafood are prepackaged and even the vegetables.

    I definitely like the place and they have stuffy that I can't find in Fubonn. Definitely a good store and will come back here

    - Rhea J.(Portland, OR)

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